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The third ICE symposium – the last of the series – addressed the question of 'digital difference'. Can we still talk in terms of a ‘cyberspace’? Are digital learning environments now orthodox, or do emerging Web 2.0 technologies hold a new promise and a new arena of difference for pedagogical practice? What are the points of rift, and the points of continuity, between virtual learning spaces and their equivalents in the real?  What qualities of difference should concern us now?

Our keynote speaker was Professor Gunther Kress, Head of the School of Culture, Language and Communication at the Institute of Education, University of London, and author of Multimodal Discourse: the modes and media of contemporary communication (Edward Arnold) and Literacy in the New Media Age (Routledge).

The symposium was jointly organised by the University of Strathclyde and the University of Edinburgh.

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ICE3-related blogging

George Roberts:
George read this post during the last ICE3 session.

Axel Bruns:
Axel blogged prolifically throughout the ICE3, and has written summaries of each presentation (except his own, and Debra Ferreday/Vivien Hodgson - Vivien was using his laptop!)

Paul Maharg:
ICE and Gunther Kress presentation
My answer to (some of) Gunther's presentation points
ICE3, day three

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